Rain Cats and Dogs

Rain Cats and Dogs
Today, there was temporarily downpour.
In English, there are some phrases that mean raining hard:
・It’s raining cats and dogs.
・It’s coming down in buckets.
・It’s really coming down.
・It’s pouring.
・It is the heavens open.
Cats と dogs ななぜ土砂降りを意味しているかは、様々な説がありますが、最も有力な説の一つは、北欧神話のようです。
There are various hypotheses for why “cats and dogs” means heavy rain, but one of the most widely-accepted theories comes from Scandinavian myth.
In Scandinavian myth, it is said that cats have the power to cause rains, and dogs have the power to cause winds.
In fact, in many European countries, the bad weather is referred to as “dog(wolf) weather.”
また、英語で cat and dog と言えば仲が悪いことを意味しますが、日本では犬猿の仲(dog and monkey relationship)と言います。
Also, while “cat and dog” is used to refer to bad relationships in English, “dog and monkey” is used in Japan.

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